Video module for parking sensors

The module combines the accoustic signal of Steelmate PTS411EX / Keetec BS 420 rear parking sensors with the image of the video camera into the complex information. Then while reversing, the driver is watching the camera image and perceives the distance to the obstacle acoustically and numerically as well.



  • cameras and monitors with AHD signal are not supported
  • both PAL and NTSC standards are supported (camera and monitor must have the same)
  • compatible parking sensors PTS411EX
  • if a camera / monitor with 4pin M12 plugs is used, the necessary reductions must be added (not included in the package):
    • RCA-M12 F
    • RCA-M12 M
    • AV ADAP MM
  • the module is powered by the ECU of parking assistant
  • in combination with PTS411EX, the module can also be installed on vehicles with 24V vehicles

The package contains:

  • module 1x
  • AV cable 1x
  • 3PIN cord for sensors ECU connection 1x