In 1993, we built up the first Steelmate workshop from scratch with merely 100m2 areas in a small town producing motorcycle alarms. Under limited conditions with only 5 pilers, 5 soldering irons, a multi-meter, an oscilloscope and 7 workers, what have driven us ahead were the spirits and passions for ensuring the safety of our customers’ vehicles. Holding fast to our determination, a wide spectrum of drivers has shared the spirits of Steelmate in our automotive security and safety products. Nowadays, Steelmate has emerged as the No.1 motorcycle alarm, car alarm, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and parking assist system manufacturer in China. We produce the state-of-the-art products in our filed with 1600 employees and factory base spanning over 80,000m2 areas, in which we are equipped with high-speed Siemens SMT lines, an in-house mold center with high-precision mold processing, ICT stations and advanced laboratory equipment etc. You can find presence of our products at every corner around China and nearly 90 countries and regions worldwide.

About TSS Group a.s. company

TSS Group was founded in 2002 with a focus on comprehensive solutions in the field of security of objects and devices. Subsequently, the product portfolios were enhanced with GPS monitoring. Through the established business policy of the TSS Group, it is clearly one of the most dynamic growth and development companies.

The most important strategic priorities of TSS Group is providing of comprehensive care, support for the quality service for its partners. Extensive portfolios of company marks, communication with skilled workers The aprofessional approach is among its main strengths. By combining personal access and signposts of major brands, individual divisions are ready to provide you with comprehensive professional solutions.