Blind spot detection

The STEELMATE Blind Spot Detection System reminds the driver that he or she has already been overtaken by another vehicle from the left or right side. The drivers often forget to check up the side lane in blind angle, before they drive into It. The system reduces the possibility of a fatal accident caused while overtaking or changing driving lanes. SBS-1 is homologated and developed in cooperation with a car manufacturer.



  • significantly reduces the risk of accident when changing the vehicle’s lane
  • the internal signaling is particularly needed in heavy rain, if the visibility through the exterior mirror reduced
  • optimized algorythms
  • visual and audible alarm (sound can be turned off)
  • detects vehicles that move/approach from the left or right side
  • parked vehicles in both sides are not detected
  • moving vehicles in the side opposite lane are also not detected
  • the system installed in the vehicle that overtaking, does not detect the vehicle that is overtaken
  • for vehicles with a 12V or 24V system
  • current consumption: <300mA
  • necessary to perform a test drive after installation before the first use in operation
  • cable lengths from ECU to displays approx. 5.5 m and 6.5 m


  • 79GHz microwave 2x
  • IP67 – waterproof
  • assembly without hole drilling for sensors
  • minimum dimensions
  • range: up to 5m
  • mounting height: 55cm (+/- 10cm)
  • range of use: difference in vehicle speeds (relative speed): from 5km/h to 40km/h

Warning. At a higher relative speed than 40 km/h, may happened that at the moment of an alert for an approaching vehicle, current speed and current distance no longer allow for a driver of approaching car to avoid a collision. For example, at speeds of 200km/h and 130km/h (what equals to extreme difference), if a slower driver moves in front of a faster car from a distance of only 6 meters (the system does not alert yet that the car from rear is approaching), so he/she creates the obstacle to the fast approaching car, and the driver of the fast car will no longer be able to slow down (70km/h reduction at a distance of just 5 meters). Therefore, it is essential that the driver always relies on his/her abilities and driving experience. This device does not replace the driver’s ability to control the vehicle and driver always have to make the right decisions on his/her own when driving the vehicle.