Parking assist

Parking assistant STEELMATE with the option to install as Rear or Front, with 4 black sensors and buzzer. Dual intelligent functions for cars with tow-bar, spare wheel or other protrusion. New functions of sensitivity setting, learning function, buzzer with adjustable volume and tone frequency added. The unit is designed for 12V/24V on board voltage cars. Optionally possible to add Display M7.

System Description:

  • sensors with fixed assembly to the bumper
  • fast obstacle detection
  • sound alarm (beeps changing frequency) indicates the position of obstacles
  • excellent coverage of the entire area behind or before the vehicle
  • when is the obstacle at a distance of 30 cm from the vehicle, you will hear a continuous tone
  • auto detection (automatic identification of the defective sensor)
  • excellent coverage of the entire area behind the vehicle, horizontal scan angle of 110° ± 15°
  • angle washers 0°, 4°, 10° included in the package
  • sensors core diameter 14 mm
  • mounting hole 18,8 mm
  • sensors supplied with 10 cm lenght cable and waterproof connector that ensures easy replacement if necessary
  • adjustable volume directly on the buzzer body (3 levels)
  • adjustable frequency directly on the buzzer body (2 levels)
  • adjustable sensitivity of the sensors on the control unit (2 levels)
  • the unique learning function (ignoring permanent obstacle – tow bar, spare wheel, frame, …)
  • with additional ACC wire (pink wire) for stable power supply(optional connection)
  • control unit is not waterproof, must be installed in dry place

Note: The control unit contains a 3 PIN connector for displayconnection, display with old 8 PIN connector is not compatible!

Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 12V DC
  • Working power: <2.5 W
  • Detection range: 0.1 ~ 2.5 m
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to + 80°C
  • Buzzer: 70 ~ 90 db
  • Sensor diameter 18,5mm
  • Sensor wire length 2,2m